“Our daughter has made a tremendous progress through Flying Manes Therapeutic Riding.  It has taught her not only the horse riding skills but also important life skills such as independence, resilience, and social skills.  The support and care given by staff, instructors and volunteers are exceptional.  She looks forward to the lessons every week and keeps her smile for an entire time while riding!”

“Flying Manes has been a constant in our son Max’s life for years and we can’t imagine life without riding every Saturday. The talented, professional instructors and volunteers devote countless hours to gathering data as to Max’s development each term in order to better address his needs. Max has advanced and is getting better each term. Most of his experience with sports has left Max feeling sidelined. At Flying Manes he is a strong, vital member of the team. When he rides, he feels strong, both psychologically and physically. He gains important core strength and hip stretches but he is also palpably energized by his skills, and more confident as a result. Thank you Flying Manes for your incredible dedication that has given Max a foundation to rely on!”

“Flying Manes has been a wonderful addition to Jay’s growth as a young person as well his aspirations as a budding riding star.  It combines all the therapy needs that Jay requires outside of school…like Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy in an enjoyable setting.  We can’t say enough positive things about this program including the great group of volunteers who all come together and spend their valuable time with the kids. We actually trek for about an hour and 40 mins from Brooklyn because the program is so worth it.  The learning goals set here are realistic and our son has been consistently improving in his skills.”