This financial aid application is for lesson fees at Flying Manes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. All requested information must be provided complete and in full to be considered for an award. All information will be kept confidential and will be made available only to the Flying Manes Financial Aid Committee. Financial aid awards are based solely upon need. Due to limited funds please apply for financial aid only after careful assessment of your needs.
Lesson fees cover approximately 30% of program costs. As a not for profit organization we are able to subsidize the remainder based on the generous donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Flying Manes is committed to enrolling participants regardless of financial means and offers additional assistance in the form of payment plans and adjusted fees to those unable to pay the established lesson fees at once or in full. Financial aid is granted based strictly on need and only when a prospective participant has been accepted and scheduled into the program. Families of continuing participants must renew their financial aid requests on an annual basis by submitting a newly completed Financial Aid Application.
Financial aid applications are considered on a first come, first serve basis. This form should be filed as early as possible. All requested information must be provided. Any information provided in this application regarding income and expenses must be proven by documentation that reflects the exact amount entered in this form. Be sure to have ready to upload with this application scans or pictures of your most recent W-2 forms, social security statements, proof of income, monthly utility bills, credit card statements, mortgage and rent statements etc. Flying Manes is unable to consider an application until all information has been submitted.
The Financial Aid Committee reviews the applications and may find it necessary to request additional information, which is arranged on a confidential basis. Financial aid is awarded in the form of adjusted payment plans and/or credit toward the established lesson fees for scheduled sessions. Final determination of financial aid awards is based on the demonstrated financial needs of the applicant and the funds available for financial aid at Flying Manes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. Flying Manes notifies the applicant of the award in writing. Please contact us at or by calling (917) 524-6648 with any questions you may have.

Participant Information

Applicant Information (Parent/Guardian #1)

If unemployed, enter "unemployed".
If unemployed, enter "unemployed".
If unemployed, enter first day of unemployment.

Parent/Guardian #2

If unemployed, enter "unemployed".
If unemployed, enter "unemployed".
If unemployed, enter first day of unemployment.

Members of your Household

Please list the name, date of birth, and relationship to you for any people who live in your household. Please indicate if these members of your household have a regular income through a job, social security, unemployment etc.


Wages/Salary of all Working Household Members


Unemployment Benefits

Retirement Benefits

Disability Insurance Benefits

Child Support

Other Benefits or Income

Total Income


Housing Cost

Credit Card Payments

Insurance Payments

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